Friday, February 8, 2013

Party Prep

    Wow I feel like we are in some sort of birthday marathon here- then again February always feels like that for us! We have three birthday with in a week of each other this month- and now that we have kids that has become the main event- long gone are the birthday celebrations that revolved around the beer sampler at Yaletown Brewing! I know times are a changing and one day these Littles of our are going to want big parties with their entire class- so I am stretching the simple toddler party out as long as I possibly can!

   This year we are celebrating The Boy turning five at Collage Collage- our favourite art studio and crafty store! They offer a great venue for a simple and easy party $140 gets you an hour and a half, a story, a craft and eight kids- all parents need to do is provide the cake or cupcakes. One aspect of this type of party that I love is that Collage Collage is such a beautiful and inspiring space there is no need for decorations- the books, art and supplies are a lovely back drop to any celebration and are sure to get everyone's creative juices flowing!

    That said of course I could not let the opportunity for some creative cuteness slip by! We will be snacking on cloud cookies and blue cupcakes, sipping bevies through these awesome mustache straws from Dilly Dally Party Alley and posing for hilarious pictures with some fun props- like this artist mustache on a stick from Dilly Dally. All our guests of course will get to take home their art project- which I am keeping quiet on as it is a surprise- as well as cute little felt pins that I made based on our Valentine craft from last week. Five is a real milestone and I think this is the perfect party for our special kid- encompassing some of his favourite things; cake, crafts, friends and mustaches!

      It's Friday Friends! I am looking forward to kicking back Saturday after the party with a large glass of wine, or three, and having a visit with my mom and cousin. This also marks British Columbia's first Family Weekend and so Monday is a holiday- we will be celebrating another birthday and taking part in some of the family events the city of Vancouver is offering! I hope weather you have a long weekend or not that it is filled with family, friends and lots of love! See you all Tuesday!

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