Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pirate Daze

       The deal is that on your birthday you get to pick what we do for an afternoon activity- and so The Boy decided that in addition to a dance party we needed to hang up our newly finished pirate ship painting. Seems fairly simple doesn't it? Well like all good fun around here the very word Pirate had us all running to the dress up box and Momma searching for an eyeliner- reserved specifically for drawing fierce Pirate scars and mustaches. We take Pirates very seriously around these parts!

     So three fierce Pirates and one captive Momma spent the afternoon celebrating our newly turned five boy with mini pizzas and a favourite book- Small Saul by Ashley Spires. About a misfit Pirate named Saul who belongs on the Sea and yet struggles to find his way to fit in- spoiler alert he fits in by being himself- awesome book- much loved by Littles and Momma alike!

     Our newly finished painting was "installed" over The Boy's bed- inspired by those lovely ladies from Banquet Atelier as well as the Small Saul book. We started this off last week- I drew the ship and the Littles spent a rainy afternoon filling in the colour. Once they were done I went back in with black paint to outline the entire thing and add in lost detail- like the skull and cross bone's flag. Just think of this painting as a large colouring page to be filled in but instead of crayons we used paints, brushes and the occasional elbow!

       I love to watch our Little's imaginations at work and as they get older they become more and more confident in their play- very elaborate games are created and often last days, their bedroom becomes the zoo on a regular basis and our patio a ship with a deck that needs to be swabbed- OK I may have tricked them into this last game but hey it works!

P.S. does everyone enjoy how Miss Lo's version of a Pirate is part ice dancer and part Christmas Elf?

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