Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Family Day

       Our government, in British Columbia, has decreed that we the hard working citizens should have a day to be with our families and relax or apparently shop-  at the bare minimum spend some quality time with our loved ones in February- and so this weekend we enjoyed our first long weekend from here on out to be known as Family Day. There were happenings all over the city of Vancouver geared towards getting families to spend some time and money together- with so much to chose from we did what we often do when faced with a decision- we went to the beach.

     It is true that Monday was not the glorious sun dappled day that Sunday had been- no when we woke it was to the fog hanging low over the water and the incessant mist that accompanies that thick as pea soup fog. We were not in a great hurry to get out and about so when we finally bundled up it was only to head over to Burgoo in Point Grey- one of our favourite comfort food establishments where we enjoyed some amazing dish of slow cooked meat, Lima beans, eggs, cheese and buscuits. The waiter seemed slightly confused when we ordered Caesars (Bloody Mary's for you Yanks) and thought I was talking about a side salad- uh no the drink with Vodka please- it is a long weekend after all!

       Well fortified with booze ( OK I was- not the driver) we headed out to our favourite spot in all of Vancouver- Spanish Banks. Oh how we have missed it out there- yes it was cold but we had plenty of wool and hot beverages so we dug some holes and hunted for beach glass- talked about the summer and how much we miss the feel of sand between our toes. Just as we were leaving- like a glimmer of hope- the sun broke through the clouds for a few seconds- summer is coming I can feel it!

     As I mentioned in my brief post yesterday that for us every weekend is Family Day- a time to celebrate the togetherness of our small family- as well as extended family and friends (who are like our family). Our focus as parents is creating that family first atmosphere for our Littles- so the fact that the government has now decided it is important and family time needs to be encouraged is nice but still a little sad- I know there are plenty of families out there who are disconnected and floundering. I know not everyone can stay at home with their Littles and we are so lucky we can do that!

       At any rate our chilly afternoon at the beach was great fun- we had hot beverages and birthday cake- cause that's how February birthdays get celebrated in our family! We went for a little beach combing excursion and Miss Lo was very happy to find large amounts of beach glass- I guess no one else has been around collecting in a few months!

         Exhausted, chilly and a bit scraped up (The Boy) we headed back to the warmth of the truck and then home- that same satisfied sleepy feeling from the summer creeping over each of us- all tucked in to watch a movie while dinner cooked, sand leaking out of pockets and pant cuffs onto the couch- reminding us of our adventure. I would have to say that for a first this Family Day was near to being a perfect day!

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