Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Studio Love

     The New Year always brings about a nesting instinct for me- perhaps it is all the time spent in doors, looking at the mess created by all the Holiday making- come January it's a sure bet that I will want to organize and purge my cluttered mess. Our current apartment has the luxury of a bonus room- also known as an in suit storage locker- I call it my studio. It is petite- but as we all know good things come in small packages and this space has exactly what I need- or at least it does now! A few days a new shelf worked wonders in my old space- and so since it is all tidy I thought I would share the space where I create.

     With the help of my Mr. we have installed a desk and two shelving units to create a "U" shape work space- the desk is flanked on one side by a bakers rack in which I house all my current projects and a low shelving unit on the other for the kids art supplies. I am not by nature a super organized person but I am trying to be- I know I work best when things are out in the open and I can see them- therefor lots of open storage and clear plastic bins are in order. I have tried to sort everything into like categories such as screen printing, collage, stamps, sewing, packaging and the kids area.

      That's right this studio does double duty as the main area for all the Little's creativity as well. This can be insanely tricky- they feel that all art supplies should be accessible and open to them at all times- however after glue sticks mysteriously vanishing one too many times only to turn up in the laundry bin or in a shoe some things are best left up high. Paper, tape, scissors, crayons, pastels- all these goodies are available at all times- the glue however is not! Surprisingly we have never had an issue with the paints and I trust them to be left down low.

      This tiny studio space of mine reminds me of my studio in University- only much tidier and is much warmer!  Everything has a home and I just need to keep reminding myself to put things back when I am done- I do want to lead by example after all.

      I love having a space to come to for some privacy- to close the door so I can hear myself think occasionally- mostly though a space where I can have my things all sorted and ready for when inspiration hits. The older I get the more I find that I crave calm and order- the chaos that once inspired creativity now just inspires panic!

        After years spent with my art supplies and sewing gear jammed into boxes and suitcases- hanging out in my bed room or dining room this little room is such a luxury! I am a lucky lady- a room of one's own!

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