Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cabin Fever

       It was a dark and stormy night..... Ok well actually a more accurate read would be a dark and stormy week! I always find January a difficult month- it would in fact be the only month where my primary objective is to just get through- however as mentioned the other day this year my goal is to not only survive January but to thrive through January. This week is panning out to be particularly trying- granted we don't have the foot and a half of snow that the Okanagan seems to be getting- what we do have is that delightful combination of constant rain and wind- which creates what I have scientifically termed as "side ways rain".

      There is no way a person can go out and enjoy side ways rain- no way to stay dry and or warm- our daily wanders through the city have become much more of a quick walk around the block for as long as the most sensitive person can stand it. We are spending a lot of time indoors this week- cabin fever is starting to set in!

     What is a momma to do? The easy solution would be to plop these turkeys in front of the old boob tube for some quality TV viewing- however there is only so much background noise of Momma Yamma that this momma can handle. Only so many times I can hear the intro to Lunar Jim before I want to hurl myself into the side ways rain.

     Into my bag of momma tricks I go- searching for a project that is fresh and new- something that involves paint because that is what the Littles are requesting. I am given some inspiration from the pile of large size craft paper that has been saved from Christmas wrapping- I knew it would come in handy! Each piece is the perfect kid size- so once again momma wields the marker and traces out each Little- each are given a paint brush and pallet filled with a very limited assortment of colours- 4 colours of their choice. 
     After about an hour of uninterrupted creativity- and uninterrupted coffee time for me- each Little reveals their master piece- what they think they look like. I am always amazed at their choices and how they view themselves spatially in this world- I say to Miss Lo " awesome hair!" she says " I'm awesome!". 

                                                 Yes you are and don't ever forget it!

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