Friday, January 18, 2013

Spreading the LOVE!

       OK by now we all know of my abiding love for the Holidays- pretty much any chance to celebrate I will grab on and hang on to for dear life! Valentines day however holds a special place in my heart- February has always been a very lovey dovey time in our house- not only is it my parents anniversary in February (40 years this year- not too shabby!) but it is also my birthday as well as the big love fest that is Feb 14! Growing up in the Okanagan February was always a tough month to have a birthday party in- you never knew if you were going to get snowed in or not- or if there was even going to be any power for that matter ( I once lost an entire pony tail in a candle incident due to a power outage on my birthday). My mom always made sure to make my birthday extra special- and the love and treats always over flowed to the next day which is Valentines day.

      Even when I was a single gal on my own I loved Valentines day and treated the day as an extra birthday day for myself-  home pedicure and extra long bath with a giant bottle of wine? Yes please! That is how I roll! Now that I am married and have these wee ones Valentines day is not about me any more- but more so making the day fun and special for them. Enter in my love for a good Valentine card- I have been busy in my studio again this week working on a fresh batch which I am going to offer up on my Etsy store next week. I thought I would give you all a sneak peak here and if anyone is interested please feel free to Facebook me on Plain Jane Designs.

    Also just to spread the lovey dovey feelings around a bit more I am offering a give away- a pack of three one of a kind cards along with a cute banner made up of Dilly Dally Party Alley hearts! To enter all you have to do is comment over on my Plain Jane Designs Facebook page- if you haven't liked my page all ready please go ahead and do so! Starting today and running through until Feb 2- so I will have plenty of time to get these Valentine goodies to the winner well before the big day! Let me know what you think- corporate baloney aside- Valentines Day- Love it or Leave it?

       All my cards are hand screen printed on cotton card stock- I then go back in and collage with bits of ephemera like vintage stamps and papers and then finish the whole thing off with sewing or other embellishments like vintage ribbon- rendering each card one of a kind. I make every card with love for people to mail to their loved ones- I just love spreading the love!

     Once again it is Friday dear Friends- we are up for one more hike this weekend- exciting stuff in our family! I am also looking forward to some quiet time with my family just chilling out around the house- lots of snuggles and slow, quiet hours spent together. Friends I hope that your weekend is full of light and love in these dark days of January- just remember brighter days are only as far away as tomorrow!

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