Friday, January 11, 2013

A Trio of Tiny Totes

      I am in full on organizing mode here in this little apartment of ours- with space at a premium it is always important to be well organized. As previously mentioned I am not a well organized person- I really struggle but I want to do better I really do- and so I am always on the look out for better organizing systems. I am not the sort to go out and buy lots of bins and boxes- we have more than enough all ready- I recognize the importance however of grouping like items together- if there was anything I learned from Peter Walsh and Oprah it was this- to avoid clutter keep only what you need or love and group like items together.

        While we do try to keep our belongings to a minimum and again keep only what we love- there is the "stuff" that inevitably goes along with having two Littles- and by "stuff" I mean Lego and tiny Kinder Surprise parts. As a creative person who not so long ago loved scads of her own tiny toy "stuff" I understand that this is important to them- I would never try and throw it out behind their backs *ahem*. Instead I started looking for creative solutions to coral all those tiny treasures.

    Enter in these tiny totes- very simple to make- I found a great round up of fabric bin tutorials over at Skip to My Lou - I made #9 the Round Fabric Bucket out of a Heather Ross Ever After scrap and some natural painter's canvas. At about six inches high by six inches across a trio of these tiny totes happened in no time flat- as fast as I finished them a small hand snatched it from the table and put it to use. Even the boy has declared these perfect for his Lego Mini Figures- which is fantastic because I find those things everywhere!

    I understand that not everyone can or wants to sew a project like this- which is why I am excitedly planning a few of these for my Etsy shop- I am working on a new screen print that will be perfect for the lining of these tiny totes and I can't wait to show you all!

    Friends it is Friday again- where on earth did this week get to? I am looking forward to resuming our regularly scheduled activities this weekend along with our Sunday Stroll- we have been planning and researching  our next hike all week! I am also looking forward to a bit of time in my very tidy studio- I have an exciting project I am working on that needs some attention- so I will be breaking out the pencil crayons and pens for a good old fashioned drawing session. My wish for you this weekend is simple- may your feet stay dry and your heart be warmed!

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