Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let It Snow!

       One of the things I miss most about living in the Okanagan is the snow- granted I don't drive and so I never really worry about that side of things- but I miss seeing it- the variation in tone, the undulating softness of a backyard transformed. Don't tell my parents but I even miss shovelling it- for a gal who is none too fond of exercise an hour shovelling the driveway was a perfect way to keep fit. Of course what I miss the most is playing in it- the winter is so much fun when you have snow to play in!

      Since my sister and I were small I can remember being bundled up and thrown ( OK ceremoniously escorted) outside- I can remember after reality set in (that mom was not going to let us back in) we would find so much fun out in the snowbanks. Digging tunnels through our front yard the one year the snow was as high as my shoulders, building forts out of the huge piles at the end of our driveway, trying to balance precariously on top of the crust of snow to see who could walk the furthest. Those were some good yet cold times!

      Some things don't change- as I sit here typing this in my warm wool socks, my trusty hot latte at my elbow, the men folk of the neighbourhood are all coming out like small boys to shovel the driveways. I watch them one at a time peak out their door, go back in to grab their gloves or a hat and then head out- of course these are boys with toys now and I can see a few snow blowers making fast work of last nights snowfall. I wonder if when clearing the driveway they feel like they are a kid again- outside in the fresh snow?

       So, yesterday, when one is faced with such a gift as a backyard full of fresh, untouched powdery snow we did as any "good" Canadian would do- grabbed the toboggan and headed out for some fun! Even Momo and Poppa got in on the action going down the run a few times- Miss Lo has decided she prefers to be pulled on top of that snow rather than walk and I can't say that I blame her!

       Yesterday it snowed and snowed- had we been at the Coast it would have just been one of those rainy days that you tuck in and watch movies, read and build forts- but here at this elevation it turned into a magical day. We have big plans for the snow today- a bonfire with cousins, another walk in the forest and of course more tobogganing!

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