Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Days

   Our Christmas weekend has drawn to a close- we are still on holiday for a few more days- but the really, really big show is over. Our days are filled with snow- navigating through it in the car, shovelling it, sliding down it, rolling it and of course throwing it! We started off at my Sister In Law's
house on Saturday night with snacks and a house full of laughter- followed by tree trimming and lots of sledding the next morning. I am not sure who had more fun- our Littles or the adults- AKA big kids!

       This is simple and honest fun- the sort you get when there are kids around- no need to get dressed up in anything but very warm and dry clothing- I find it is usually the lack of warm clothes that leads to a miserable experience outside so I pile on the layers and head down the hill a few times on the toboggan too! My nieces are both home- which is oh so much fun- they are the heart of the fun on this day- leading the sledding and snowman building!

       Christmas day it's self we played pretty low key- getting up very early in the morning and leaving my In law's house for my parent's house at the opposite end of the valley. This drive is one of my favourite Christmas traditions-  fresh, hot coffee in our travel mugs, Christmas songs blasting from the radio, our breath hanging in the frosty air- we are one of a few to venture out onto the roads this morning. Cruising past familiar sights- marking off the landmarks as we get closer to Momo and Poppa's house.

       We announce our arrival as always with loud toots of the car horn on the hill behind the house- Momo and Poppa now know we are close! We have a few hours with just us and my parents before the cousins arrive- then all the best type of craziness breaks loose- enough time to go for a short nature walk in the falling snow, have a few adult beverages and open our stockings.

      Looking out the window of my parents house I gaze upon a view that is ever so familiar- I have sat looking at that lake view for many an hours while growing up. To me this view means I am home and all is well- my troubles falling away- and at Christmas I think that is the best gift possible.


  1. This post makes me want to cry. Like bawl in the most ungracious manner! I miss Peachland so much this time of year. Especially at Christmas, of which I have these best memories. We would always make the trek to my Grannie and Grandpa's on Christmas morning, as you know they had the same scenery. Some of the best Christmases of my life.

    1. I'm not going to lie- multiple times today I almost started crying- just being caught off gaurd by the familiarity of the trees along the side of the road, thinking how many times I have driven up the hill, how this is the place I actually belong!


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