Friday, December 28, 2012


      This week is quickly drawing to a close and we have been spending as much time as possible soaking in the outdoors as well as our family. Hiking, snow fights, bonfires and lots of wool layers has been our reality this week- next week sitting back in the city I will hold onto this feeling- the quiet punctuated by the squeals on kiddos flying down a hill at top toboggan speed!

      I am a super lucky lady- Christmas morning I found a box under the tree just for me which contained this lovely nubby wool blanket that I have been eyeing at Le Marche for several weeks. This will be my new go to wrap for chilly evenings out on the deck or on the beach. Yesterday I took this yummy blanket for a test drive by the fire and found it does the trick!

      Yesterday found us once again headed to the woods across the street from my parents house - these are the woods that my sister and I played in when we were kids and later I spent a great deal of time working on earth installations for a sculpture class. The Littles trooped up the path complaining the entire way- it has been decided that perhaps they are not so fond of hiking in the snow- they would like some skis please!

       So into the woods we go- Daddy, Poppa and the Littles pausing in a clearing to build a snow man and roll around in the snow- I continued to hike up to the top of the hill and just stood in the clearing listening to the quiet. The forest swathed in snow is the quietest place to be- just for a moment watching the pattern of the trees and catching a glimpse of Okanagan lake in the distance.

     We have one more day here at my parents before we head back up the valley to my In Laws for a few days. We are going to have one more bonfire this afternoon with home made marshmallows and lots of chocolate for the Littles- Hot Buttered Rum for the adults. 

     Friends it is Friday all ready- I am not sure where this week has gone to- the sort of week that you sort of emerge from and wonder if you have been through some sort of time warp. It doesn't really need to be said how much fun we have been having these past few days- but I will say it anyways! Not only is it the end of the week but also the end of the year draws nigh- a very special day of the year for my Mr. and I - the night he came back into my life all those years ago! This weekend we will be taking it easy- again- enjoying our last few days of vacation- Friends may your weekend be full of light, love and laughter- you know... cozy!

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