Monday, December 31, 2012

Going Forward

       Our week that started off so great has ground to a screeching halt- One by one this delightful flu that is making the rounds has struck members of our family down. This means New Year's Eve- the biggest party of the year- will be spent in a much more quiet manner. Gone are the plans for the ski hill celebration- enter in sitting around in our P.J's and sipping ice water through straws. My Mr. and Miss Lo are laying low today while The Boy is recovering after a trip to the ER yesterday- he is fine just some respiratory problems- I would just like to sleep for a few days straight!

      I think I am pretty good with this change of plans- we had such a great week- playing in the snow, eating non- stop and snuggled up to bon fires. Our last day in Peachland we stopped by the lake and snapped these shots at our favourite summer swimming spot- significantly more chilly at this time of year but non the less beautiful. It was so perfect- the roads had barely been driven on and the clouds were down low to the lake- big fluffy snow flakes falling and all was quite.

        This week has been a week of big ups and downs for us- I am ready to go home- move forward and start thinking about what I want from 2013. I think I can say with out a shadow of a doubt 2013 will see some big changes in our life- lots to be excited about!

    Friends- I hope weather your New Years finds you totally glammed up at some swanky party, out on a ski hill or snuggled up in your jammies- that you are right where you want to be. That you are surrounded by love and regardless of attire that when the clock strikes midnight you are happy- what more could one ask at the end of a year?

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