Friday, December 21, 2012

Let the Celebrations Begin!

     Tonight we celebrate the Winter Solstice- our family celebration of the seasons . As previously mentioned we always try to head home to the Okanagan to be with our family at this time of year- they mean so much and we miss each of them dearly- this journey while important to us means we have rarely spent a Christmas morning in our own home, in our own beds, with our stockings hung in our own special place. 

   When my Mr. and I were first living together we started our first Holiday Season off with a celebration for two down by the ocean by the light of the moon. The weather is usually co-operative with the rain holding off long enough for us to sit and drink a bottle of wine and talk of new plans for our future. The years we were pregnant the wine was replaced with hot chocolate and cheese cake but non the less the tradition ensued. Our celebration has now moved inside and has evolved into more of a feast but non the less it is important to us to have this day to celebrate and centre our family in our home- where ever it may be!

     So I am winding down the sewing- something that is more fun than chore for me- all the making of beautiful things to give to people I love. One of my last projects yesterday was a bit of screen printing this length of fabric to use in a couple of items- no matter how often I use this print it never gets old- one of my favourites! What a treat to be printing on Belgian Linen- Oh how I love this fabric- sturdy and organic with loads of personality!

     Our Littles have been hard at work as well learning to sew- they were thrilled to finally have a needle and thread in their own hands- they have been watching Momma and wishing to do the same for ever so long! Now they know how- and of course these Littles of mine are oh so productive and wanting to do everything "all by myself!"- only coming to Momma when they need a knot tied or more thread.

     Of course The Boy needed to make something- he is very much a linear thinker like his father- he needed a goal and outline of sorts for his first sewing project- and so he drew on a little house to follow his stitches with. I- being the sentimental sort who also loves to make an item- added a little loop of ribbon and quick as a wink sewed this first project of my boy's into an ornament to be treasured.

    Miss Lo was much more free flow in her approach to her sewing project- I have an inkling that this girl of mine might be a natural with a needle and thread. I am in no way trying to brag but I will admit that it thrilled me to watch her carefully pushing the needle in and out of the fabric- oh this girl of mine what you will make in your life time with those hands!

      We have been so incredibly blessed this year- we are surrounded by the love of friends and family that I don't take for granted one little bit- thank you for joining me on my journey! I will be stepping away from this space for a few days- I may be back with a post on Wednesday- Boxing day- although I may also be enjoying a cask of wine with an old friend. For those of you wondering a cask of wine is what fine boxed wine is referred to these days! My wish for you dear friends is that where ever you are in this world may you be surrounded in light and love on this the shortest day of the year- with a cask of the finest wine at your side! Happy Holidays everyone!


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