Friday, October 19, 2012

Took a Walk In My Neighbourhood....

      I will be the first to admit that I am a total Country Mouse who is sort of stalled living in the city- I don't want to use the word "stuck" because I am not stuck- I love my neighbourhood and I love my life here. That said I do dream of a life with my family in an place that is a little less populated- a life which involves a yard and lots of wide open spaces- but for now because of work we are here in the city.

        Today I was looking back through my posts from the summer- and oh what a summer we had! Lots of weekends away to places that gave us those wide open spaces- if only for a short time. I became aware of just how much travelling we did in the past three months- fleeing the city if you will, now that the threat of snow is imminent we are staying off the highway at least until Christmas- tucking back into the city that we really do love.

     Even though the sun is hiding out behind layers of grey clouds and fog we still take any break in the weather as a gift and head outside. When we were afforded a bit of sun recently we piled on the layers and made our way through Gastown and out to the pier at Canada Place- the cruise ships have all headed south for the winter but the pier was still teaming with locals  and a few straggling tourists seeking a few rays. There is loads to see and do out on the pier- Canada is in the throws of celebrating the War of 1812 and so we were able to enjoy several interpretive displays set up along the walkway.   Of course the under five crowd is never disappointed with watching the Sea Planes land and take off- that activity could go on for hours!

       The sidewalk of the pier has a variety of town and city names from across Canada inlaid into the stone- strangely enough one of the towns listed is Peachland- my hometown- seeing this nameplate makes this Country Mouse feel a little closer to home.

     Away from the hustle and bustle of Canada Place we step back into Gastown and now that most of the tourists have departed this neighbourhood can feel like living in another time. Cobblestone roads, brick buildings, Gaolers Muse- this is the neighbourhood where Vancouver got it's rough and tumble start. Living in Gastown is a bit like living in a separate city or town- you recognize the people that you meet when you're walking down the street.

     Until I can have my Organic B& B farmhouse on a few acres of land out in the middle of no where I will just have to tuck in and be content living in what I have fondly come to regard as one of the quirkiest postal codes in Vancouver. I have good neighbours, good shops, good restaurants and excellent coffee- yup it'll do!

     Friends it is Friday- This Saturday marks Canada's first Small Business Saturday- so get out and support your local small businesses! Locally this weekend also marks the end of the Farmer's Market season- we will be heading to the Kitsilano market on Sunday to stock up on basics like bags of onions and potatoes- plus all the garlic we will need to take us through cold & flu season! Wherever you are and what ever you are up to I hope your feet are warm and the sun is shining in your heart!

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