Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Bunting

     With all this discussion of cozying up for the winter it is taking every fibre in my being not to start pulling out the Holiday decorations- and the Twinkle lights- it is so dark out these days! It's true I have a problem- I am really aware of the retail driven obsession to go big for Holidays and to start pushing them as soon as one is over- Christmas decorations have been in Costco since the end of August- and so I am resisting putting up Twinkle lights until after Halloween! Instead I turned to my giant pile of scrap fabric and decided to make a moody little fall banner- next week I can start dressing it up for Halloween and after that I can bring out my Winter decorations- then Solstice and Christmas- yes we celebrate it all!

    I have been asked a few times how to make banners- and it is super easy- I thought I would share how I make a very simple one sided banner. This can easily be modified to be double sided- it is a great way to use up scrap fabric! Skills needed for this project- adequate scissor know how, pinning and sewing a straight seam.

       Draw out your pattern piece- Basically a triangle that is 9 inches on the long side and 7.5 inches across the top- I like to square the edges off on the sides as you will be folding and ironing a flap later.

               Using the pattern cut out about 12 flags- double that amount for a double sided banner

      On the back side of the flags fold over the squared top and iron- this creates a channel that the ribbon will run through. Pin the ribbon in place- space your flags as pleases you- I like them right together.

     Still on the back side of your Fall Bunting sew a straight seam- catching the ribbon in the stitching as you go- don't forget to back stitch on either end- clip hanging threads. Press everything smooth and hang to enjoy!

      Directions for Double Sided Bunting

a) cut out equal amounts of flags- ex. 20 pieces of fabric will make 10 flags
b) place two triangles together. Stitch the long edges together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
c) Turn the flag right side out- press
d) Fold the flag's top edge in by 1/4 inch. Press. Fold again 1/2 inch and press- topstitch to make a 1/2 inch casing- the ribbon will run through this

p.s. Today is my Dad's birthday- so Happy Birthday to this guy!

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