Monday, October 22, 2012

Daily Rituals

     It is often the smallest parts of the day that can be the most special, beautiful and important to catch onto. For me this involves awakening most mornings and hour or, in the case of this morning, two before all the others in this crazy household. Right now that means the day has not broken yet and it is dark out still- I quietly pad through the hallway on woollen clad feet, softly closing doors so I don't wake anyone else with my daily ritual- which revolves around at least two shots of espresso.

    This is my time- no interruptions to do as I please. Most often this time of the day finds me with a book or magazine in my hand- ready to slip away to a different world for an hour. I sit curled up either on the couch or on a fair day out on the deck- reading and listening to the city wakes up. The sea gull's ever present call echoing in the dawn as I sip my latte and bathe in the simplicity of this moment. This is my daily ritual- this keeps me sane.

    This morning I grabbed for the Fall issue of Taproot- a holistic publication out of Maine that speaks of everything I love and hold dear. When this issue- appropriately entitled Retreat- arrived in the post last week I casually flipped through- anticipation tingling through my fingers- the promise of an early morning read- a scrap of solitude. I paused for a moment to read the Letters to the Editor section and was thrilled beyond belief to see that they had printed my letter! There in my favourite magazine were my words- written a few months ago during another early morning reading session!

    As I resumed my journey through the Fall issue today I came upon a fantastic layout full of laughing women, water, knitting and trees- an article about Squam! This dear friends is yet another of my dreams- Squam is a five day workshop for creatives in the woods of New Hampshire on the banks of Squam lake- I have a feeling it is like camp but for big people- it sounds like heaven! I have longed to go for years but due to the wee ones always held back- recently I came to the decision this year will be the year I will attend!

    Sometimes it is the smallest parts of the day that can be the most special ,beautiful , and important to catch onto and tuck into your pocket. Sometimes you receive a sign that things are meant to be and sometimes this is what carries you through your day!

p.s. Gift Certificates are available- hint hint Mom & Dad!


  1. That latte looks just delish! My weekday morning ritual is to get to work 15 minutes early (or 10 or 5 if I'm pokey on my bike), make a cup of coffee, shut my office door and catch up on yesterdays news. Your set up looks a tad more relaxing. You are so right though, a few moments to yourself can set you up for a little bit nicer day!

    1. I think that maybe your bike ride is part of your ritual even if you don't recognize it as such- don't you miss it when you have to drive? I loved riding to work- or walking- it gave me time to clear the cobwebs from my brain!

  2. Yes! I also get up early, though I am hard pressed to be up before Khaya. He is my only early riser. But as we both curl up under a blanket on the couch and read silently, reflecting on our Creator, it is a wonderful time together. It is one of the only times throughout the day that he is not making some kind of sounds. Then I have to start the rounds of waking the other three up.

    1. It's nice when those boys stay still and just for like a second you can see the wee babe they used to be and remember other mornings long ago when you were up early feeding them, rocking them! Thats nice that you and Khaya have that connection!


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