Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Stylish Dress Book

   Last week a package- that I had anxiously been anticipating- finally arrived in our post! It feels like eons ago but it was only late August that I ordered The Stylish Dress Book- one look at the sneak peak online and I was hooked- here was a pattern book that was exactly my style! Opening the box one overcast afternoon last week made my day and once the kiddos were either down for a nap or otherwise occupied I jumped right into making my first pattern from the book!

      The pattern I chose is pattern E and yes it is the dress featured on the front of the book- so funny how just a change in fabric makes a completely different dress! The fabric I used is Anna Maria Horner's Sinister Swarm- from the Field Study collection- it is a quilting weight cotton that makes the garment hang really nicely. Did I mention the pockets? Yes it has pockets- a dress with pockets is the best!

    This book is so easy on the eyes- the photography is fantastic- simple yet really narrative- one can totally envision a life spent in these clothes. I found the patterns really easy to understand, however the instructions were a bit vague so a basic understanding of pattern construction would be helpful. Pattern E that I chose sewed up quickly in an afternoon and required only two yards of fabric- this pattern is a winner in my books!

 On our way home yesterday afternoon the Little's were asleep in their car seats and so the Mr. and I stopped at a favourite pull off for a bit of a stretch and a bite to eat. Of course I had to ask since we were in such a pretty spot if the Mr. would take a few pictures of my new frock and he willingly obliged. I could not help myself from adding a few more images from the beautiful spot we stopped at- what a great way to wrap up the weekend!


  1. Love it! You are so creative and talented!

  2. That's such a beautiful dress Sharilyn! Love it! Perhaps I should look into purchasing this book for Laura... Then you guys could be twinsies!

  3. Ok I do think Laura would like this book however her & I would clearly need to work out who makes what in different fabrics- at some point Samesies is looked at as just plain crazy!


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