Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Part II

       Sunday was Thanksgiving Part II- after a great breakfast in Vernon we loaded into our truck and headed down the highway to Momo and Poppa's house. The weather was still in fine shape and we knew my Mom had loads of fun outdoor activities planned. We were not disappointed- once the cousins showed up the festivities got under way- pumpkin crafts of all sorts- we decorated mini jack o lanterns, made magnets and coloured till their hearts content.

     We really could not have asked for better weather and we spent almost the entire afternoon outdoors running and exploring. Those pumpkins that the kids planted back in May? Well they are ready for Halloween- I counted about 30 in total- which is pretty good when I consider the handful of seeds that were planted!

      Of course lets not forget about the food- because Thanksgiving really is all about the food! My Dad is the king of the BBQ- and so of course we had a BBQ turkey- plus all the usual suspects- stuffing with bacon, brussel sprouts with bacon, mashed potatoes and not to forget my sister's delectable green bean casserole. And then there was the pie- I think Pumpkin pie is in fact my favourite of all pies- with whipped cream of course!

     In the bottom corner of my parents yard they have several fruit trees- and so more apple picking happened on a much smaller scale than that of the day before but none the less fun! Led by my mom all four Littles followed like rats to the Pied Piper- they have been watching these apples all summer and finally got to eat them!

     There are so many thing that we take from this weekend- aside from a few extra pounds- the giggles and laughter, the slightly sunburned noses, the apples and leftovers our Moms packed up for us. Most of all I think we bring home a sense of belonging- this is where we come to retreat when life gets to be too much. Home is where we can just be ourselves among people who wont let us get away with anything less. Our kids believe that they have two homes- one in the city and one in the Okanagan and they would not be wrong- they always believe no matter which way we are travelling that we are going home- and for that I am Thankful!

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  1. Look at Lola's beautiful hair! I wanted hair like that when I was her age, but instead I had the Princess Diana bowl cut. :P

    Love the kids outfits. Looking lovely as usual.

    - Andrea


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