Monday, October 15, 2012

Spruce Collective and a Really Great Sandwich

     We all knew it was coming- the rain- what feels already like a never ending amount of rain- it's like Mother Nature is getting caught up for those forty plus days we had glorious sunshine. It was abrupt and sudden but we are adapting- and part of that adapting is starting to nest in for the winter. Retreating or hibernating snugging up our homes for the long months we are about to spend inside!

     It was with this is mind that my Lovely Cousin Laura and I headed out in an epic downpour on Saturday to check out a new home interiors store out in the suburb of Abbotsford. Spruce Collective opened it's doors a few weeks ago and judging the amount of traffic in their on Saturday I would say they have hit the nail on the head! This store is a wonderful collaboration between five friends who obviously share a passion for collecting and design. 

     Filled with a collection of lovely treasures- mostly vintage, a fantastic line of jewelry, and tonnes of great pillows, cards, candles and lets not forget the CeCe Caldwell paints! It was difficult to pare down my purchases and I will most definitely be heading back for some of the amazing paint- after four years of kid abuse our dinning table could do with a lick of this self- priming paint. 

     The ladies of Spruce Collective have put together beautiful little vignettes everywhere you look- the vintage crib piled with amazing pillows- yes! The antique cupboard with beautiful dresses- the fantastic chairs snugged up beside a pile of books. These gals have the art of display down to a science and it doesn't stop at the front of the store- The Workshop is a little room off the back of the shop that is chock a block full of vintage props and available to rent out for photo shoots- when we were there a lucky bride and groom came in from the weather to capture their day in style.


       We could not leave Abbotsford with out exploring around a bit- we caught the last few minutes of a very soggy Farmer's Market and checked out the local thrift store, then onto Birkeland Brother's Yarn- where I got tonnes of information on a new project( more on the later). After the extensive drive out to the Valley followed by all that retail therapy Lovely Cousin Laura and I were feeling a bit peckish and headed up the street to grab a bite at the Roasted Grape- I had a the most delish roast beef sandwich. Having never really explored Abbotsford I have say I was pleasantly surprised- the downtown area is really quaint- good shopping and tasty restaurants- plus there is free parking! 

     Today has dawned all soggy and grey- more rain is predicted for this afternoon. It feels like the perfect excuse to tuck in and play with my new goodies acquired over the weekend. I am going to bring out all my warm blankets and pillows that have been away all summer- put the flannels sheets on the beds and really just start nesting into this space where we will be spending more and more time in the coming months. Check in through out the week to see my progress- I will share my treasures from Spruce Collective as well as a fun project!


  1. Yes! A well spent rainy Saturday it was!

  2. OH! I want to paint birds like that on my raised beds outside!

    1. It's pretty cute hey? I want to jazz up my planters this spring- I also really liked the idea of stencilling something like a bird!


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