Tuesday, October 16, 2012


  As mentioned in yesterday's post I have that nesting feeling- the desire to refresh our space- infuse it with some newness and warmth for these coming months. Here's the deal- as the stay at home parent I spend a great deal of time with in these walls during the winter months. To make matters even more complicated as an artist I get bored easily and am in a constant state of re- invention- often this involves furniture moving. No furniture moving occurred this weekend but between my trip to Spruce Collective on Saturday with Lovely Cousin Laura and a brief trip to the States yesterday I managed to gather a few new treasures to freshen up our space.

      From Spruce Collective I purchased a cozy vintage wool rug with multiple shots of colour through out- this will prove ideal for what ever colour I end up painting our kitchen table. I totally admit I can envision this in the kitchen of my dreams- casually strewn out on barn board floors maybe in front of a porcelain farm house sink- a girl can dream right! Anyways back to reality- my other treasure from Spruce Collective was this funky little multi coloured globe- yes it has the U.S.S.R. on it and Nunavut is missing from Canada- our kids might get confused by that but I think it is a charming addition to their globe collection!

    Yesterday was another stormy day and so we hopped in the car and headed across the boarder- the only solid stops on our list were Trader Joe's and Target- now normally I am not a fan of big box stores but Target always has such great house wares! I scored myself this awesome Poison toss pillow which I think looks great in my favourite orange chair but The Boy claims he wants it for his bed- maybe we can share. Another fantastic find was this Smith & Hawking lantern- a solid hurricane vase surrounded in lovely "aged" wood- I was looking for something substantial for at our entrance way and this fits the bill!

      I have a few other projects up my sleeve to cozy up our space- some furniture painting and screen printing of fabric- and always more thrifting. I think this year we might also put up some curtains- this will be a big step for us- a move that suggests some permanence- if only temporarily! We are also starting to think about replacing our sofa- yes a big purchase, but as anyone who has sat on our couch in the past year or so can attest to it is much needed! Making a home out of a rental space can be a tricky thing but I feel bit by bit this place is starting to feel just like us!

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