Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seam Allowance Progress

      Today I thought I would update you all on my Seam Allowance progress- if you will remember from a few weeks ago I pledged to sew twenty five percent of our clothing. I cant lie- it has been slow going- some times easier to buy something at the Thrift store than sew it from scratch. I haven't bought anything new for the Littles- they really are a tonne of fun to sew for!

    This time it was Miss Lo's turn to have something Momma made- and that came in the form of a slightly modified Oliver & S Puppet show tunic. I have made this pattern before- with the collar- but I noticed that the collar sort of annoys Miss Lo and she voiced the need for pockets. Where is a girl to put her rocks?

      So may I present the Puppet Show tunic with pockets and no collar! There is a shorts pattern that comes with this pattern and I simply took the pocket pattern pieces from there and transposed them onto the tunic. The fabric is lovely- it reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her sisters- it is from Lecien and is called Memoire a Paris. I think the scant leftovers will become the base for Miss Lo's new quilt- it is that pretty- so soft with dusty colours.

    This girl of mine is tough to catch- always in motion- running, marching, exploring- doing everything on her own-testing her boundaries. These Littles of ours are growing so fast that sewing for them is necessary but it is oh so much more fun that sewing for myself! My Seam Allowance Pledge stands- there is something coming up on my sewing pile for me- but first there are pants and a hoody for the Boy and then there is my Mr.'s Solstice gift that needs to get started- and then I will get to my project- I swear!

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