Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rapunzel with the Green Hair

     So this little lady has come to live with us- Rapunzel with her hair so green- and blue and purple! Ms. Lo now has a soft and squishy totally organic doll that is the cutest little gal I have ever seen- they are pretty inseparable and it has only been a few days- they are besties!

      A few weeks ago when I was out in Abbotsford with Lovely Cousin Laura we stopped by Birkeland Brothers Wool and there was a basket full of the softest jersey knit in skin tones that I had ever seen. I have been wanting to try doll making for quite awhile now and with some assistance from the on site wool Guru I got together the basics I would need to start my first Waldorf style doll- the idea is very limited features which allows the child's imagination to take over- very soft and round- very fertile stuff for the imagination of a three year old!

     I am very pleased with how Rapunzel turned out- her hair is Merino wool and her dress is Linen with vintage lace- I will admit her leggings are actually a pair that Miss Lo has outgrown- I simply took them in a fair bit! The only issue with making this doll is that now I want to make more- every time I am near a wool shop I am sizing up what would make good hair- highly addicting! OK and lets go back to her hair- I think I want hair like this! The colour and shear volume- I can have dreads vicariously through this doll- I know it's weird- but my friend Amy will know what I am talking about!

     So here is the fun part- I am going to make a few more of these little lovelies( Rapunzel here is not for sale) and offer them up in my Etsy site for $125 for the month of November! This is a 16" doll made with organic cotton and stuffed with virgin wool, the hair is wool and the features are cotton.  All dolls come with either a dress and leggings or overalls and a shirt. These dolls  can be personalized with skin, hair & features if you message me or email me.

    I am getting started on the new dolls this weekend- if you are interested in a custom doll please let me know so I can pick up the supplies and get right on it! I will post the new little cuties here before they go live on my Etsy site- as well as providing a link! I am so excited- this is the type of toy I want my kids to play with- simple, easy- no marketing, no sexualization- just a cozy cloth doll!



  1. Love her! These are the dolls that kids should be playing with!
    Also did I mention I was contemplating dreads again just the other day? My kids think I'm nuts!

    1. Haha! Love that Amy! My hair is going grey- so I was thinking of dying it pink again- and I would but I think it would require a trip to the hair dressers- which seems like work!

  2. Oh I love love love this doll. You are so skilled and inspiring my dear friend! So I've always been curious, how do you get their nose to be a wee little button?

    1. It is all the magic that is happening under the skin- there is a fair amount of sewing on a wool "base" then you pull the "skin" over top & it looks like a face! It's so funny how instant the personality of the doll comes through!


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