Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Peek at Our Weekend

  I am having some difficulty settling into this fall season- perhaps it is denial- perhaps it is because just a few short weeks ago we were sporting sandals and heading to the beach. This past weekend was down right cold and when the clouds lifted a fresh dusting of snow was topping the North Shore mountains across Burrard Inlet. The wind that sweeps down from those mountains is crisp and whispers promises of skating, skiing and tobogganing- but not yet! Please not yet!

   This weekend we tucked inside to escape the ceaseless rain- we joined some old friends from out of town at Science World for an afternoon of cool science. We followed that up with dinner at another family's house- many hours and several bottles of wine later our Saturday was done. It's funny how a day we look forward to all week can be over before you know it- I tried to slow it all down and really be present in each moment.

       Sunday found us lounging around the house in our pajamas- toast and lattes with phone calls home- even though we aren't in the Okanagan we feel closer after a quick phone call. The weather was anything but pleasant and yet we ventured out to the last Farmer's Market of the season- the winter market doesn't start for weeks- running out of garlic was not an option!

       In the midst of a torrential downpour I made a mad dash into the Farmer's Market dodging the umbrella's of much more organized shoppers than I. Although it was grizzly weather the market was still very busy- a real testament to the local food movement in Vancouver.

    The Mr and the Littles stayed snug as bugs in a rug in the nice dry van listening to the CBC- when I showed up I looked like a drowned cat. I have lived here long enough to know better- expect rain- end of story and yet at east once a season I end up making an inappropriate clothing choice- that day was Sunday- I have since come to terms with the fact that I should just grab the rain gear and nothing else on my way out the door! This is why I am having trouble settling into fall!

     After the Market and on a bit of a whim I ducked into one of my favourite consignment shops- Turn About on Broadway- and either my mind was set on finding warm, dry clothing or the thrifting gods were smiling down on me because there sitting and waiting just for me was a brand new pair of Hunter boots with a very reasonable price tag! Obviously they came home with me- along with a cute little sweater from Banana Republic that will be nice and cozy under my grubby rain coat!

      This past weekend was all about connections- renewing old ones and making new ones- I think the Boy made a life long friend with the son of my life long friend and I connected with a pair of rubber boots. The reconnection to our city and the land here- it's here, that land, even if it is under concrete. Through ballet and soccer practice, through dinners at friend's homes and visits to local attractions and of course through buying our food locally at the Farmer's Market we slowly reconnect and settle in for the fall. I still have one question though- when the heck did the weekend get so short?

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