Friday, August 3, 2012

Wedding Weekend Away

       Way back in the winter my dear cousin Caitlin and her fiance Kent approached me about making the invitations for their up coming nuptials. I was excited to be asked but a little hesitant- if only due to a lack of confidence on my part. I feel that when someone buys what I have all ready made then they obviously like what I have done- but to custom make invitations for a wedding is a great deal of pressure! Invitations really set the tone for the party or event- this would be the first tangible evidence- besides the ring- of their wedding plans.

    After I got over my initial case of jitters and actually got down to the business of making the cards everything went smoothly. The happy couple claim they are happy with the outcome and I will admit I think my fears were unfounded- the invitations are really cute just like Caitlin and Kent!

    The details: I worked with Caitlin to come up with a theme- a bicycle built for two seamed to be really appropriate and the balloons are just straight up fun and whimsical. I created a custom screen and printed all the cards by hand in my studio- A.K.A. kitchen table. Caitlin had the stamp made with all the pertinent details made and sent it out to me where I stamped each card by hand. The finishing touches were the balloons cut out of co-ordinating paper which add another dimension before I went in and sewed my Plain Jane signature touches.

    That brings us up to today-my bags are packed- this weekend is the wedding and I will be joining my sister on our own sans kids and husbands to fly to the metropolis of Saskatoon.  Magazines have been purchased and sit whispering promises of an uninterrupted read with a latte in the boarding lounge at YVR. I know this time away spent with my sister and parents and cousins and aunts and uncles will be any thing but relaxing and restorative- I will more than likely need about a week to recover- but oh it is much needed!

    Friends- I hope where ever this weekend finds you it is a good one- filled with love and joy, laughter and reminiscing, family and friends!


  1. So excited to see you soon!!

    (And I still love those invites.)

  2. I second that notion! The invites are a perfect mix of Caitlin & Kent's style with a dash of Plain Jane's signature look. See you soon!!!!

  3. See you ladies tomorrow afternoon! It's going to be a fun time:)

  4. So excited for you to have a weekend sans kids!! have fun!!


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