Monday, August 6, 2012

Date Night

My impression of a flamingo! Dress- J.Crew, bag- Clare Vivier and shoes- N.d.c
As was so widely advertised last week was the Mr. and my 8 year anniversary- in a shocking turn of events we actually had a babysitter which enabled us to go out to a real restaurant, have several drinks and take several hours to eat our meal! This never happens- but at Christmas we received a voucher for kid sitting as well as a gift certificate to the Cork & Fin located right around the corner from our house. We are so glad we saved it until the summer- we were able to sit outside and soak in everything that Gastown has to offer.

We started the meal out with what I have decided is my drink of the summer- a French 75- the classic cocktail that combines my favourite booze- Gin and Champagne.

        I had a delicious meal of steamed mussels in fennel and shallot broth as well as the C& F signature summer salad- strawberries, walnuts and goat chevre on a bed of spinach with balsamic dressing- and of course bread! Everything was delish and there are many things on the menu that I would like to go back and try.

    I think what made the evening so special is knowing our kids were at home having a blast with our friend Jenn- we don't go out often with out the Little's and knowing that they were probably having more fun on their own made me feel much better. As these kids of ours grow and create identities separate to ours I know the Mr. and I will have more special nights like this but for right now the memory from last week as well as a few French 75s will get me through!


  1. So nice that you had a lot of fun, and so did the kids!! You look absolutely fab!!

    1. Thanks Kat- it was a really nice evening!


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