Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

    Today's Thrifted Thursday is brought to you from the beach- which as discussed in a previous post is one of my favourite places to be. Being a dedicated beach bum in the Pacific Northwest can be tricky, the weather is pretty hit and miss. For example we spent New Years day at this same spot and it was sunnier and possibly warmer- yes it is August in Vancouver I promise you!

     Enter in my all time favourite beach essential- yes it is a little worse for wear but it is the coziest sweater ever- I love the hood and ample pockets- perfect for stashing chap stick. I also love that it appears to be hand knit and from what I can determine is actually wool. The best part about this sweater though is that it cost me a whopping $15 at Community Thrift and Vintage! Incidentally my denim crops are thrifted as well from Turn About Clothing on West Broadway- hands down my best score of the summer $11 for a brand new pair of pants with tags- originally over $100!

the perfect sweater for keeping cozy when the cool breezes kick up at a BBQ

   Another favourite beach style of mine is the ever present head scarf which has evolved over the years from bandana to a vintage silk scarf. This one is beautiful- love the colours- it is from Deluxe Junk and came in at under the $20 mark. I may not be a hat girl but I sure can rock a scarf!

   No BBQ is complete with a little libation- our current favourite is Ginger Beer. I happen to be drinking mine out of a vintage enameled mug that came from my Grandma's home. Sand in my toes, beer in my mug, friends laughing, bbq smoking, sun setting, kids still up- my idea of a good time!

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