Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

      This Thrifted Thursday is all about an extra special doll house for an extra special girl. We knew right from the get go we wanted to get Miss Lo a doll house for her birthday- we love Plan Toys and so the idea was to get her the Plan Toys My First Dollhouse. On a whim the Mr. was perusing Craigslist and decided to check the toy dept out,sure enough there was a Plan Toy dollhouse even better than the one we intended to get for sale for $50! For readers who are not familiar with Craigslist - it is an online classified listings- everything from dollhouses to homes to rent.

     Miss Lo loves her new Plan Toys Terrace Dollhouse- to top it off Oma and Aunti Pia kitted the dollhouse out with several rooms of furniture-bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room- complete with a kettle and drawers. So now Miss Lo's formerly homeless dolls have a fully furnished luxury home to live in! I will admit this is kind of the dollhouse of my dreams too- and yes she shares with me!

    This dollhouse has movable walls which allows for a variety of room configurations- encouraging a future interior designer perhaps? I know one thing for certain this dollhouse is going to provide hours of entertainment during those long soggy days of fall that are right around the corner! Way to go Daddy!


  1. I love plan toys, as you know. We have the chalet one, you can't move the walls, but there are 2 parts to the whole house that you can change out, which is pretty fun!

  2. I do like the chalet as well- I just love how Plan toys are pretty much a blank slate for kids to use their imagination on!

  3. Ps- Miss Lo I'd not wearing a blindfold as the Mr. Just asked me! It's her hair band! Boys! Yeash


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