Friday, August 17, 2012

Plain Jane

everyone's favourite little notebook is back by popular request $8 ea

    I took a big step today- encouraged by my ever lovin Mr. I applied for a juryed craft sale. I have done loads of sales in the past- one big sale -Portobello West I had participated in for several years- I thought maybe it is time for a bit of a change. So I applied for MAKE IT! - I am really excited at the prospect of getting into this sale! So I thought I would share a few things I have been working on lately- nothing like the prospect of a new show to get the creative vibe going!

If I had to pick one I think it would be the bird- one of my favourite silk screens on my favourite Moleskin note book- accented with a felt applique- has a hidden pocket at the back of the book for love notes and stamps!

dreamer tee pee $110- sticks-$45
    Brand new to the Plain Jane line is the Dreamer tee pee- made of 100% cotton painter's canvas this is great indoors or out. It makes a perfectly shaded reading nook for bigger kids outdoors in the summer and comes inside to be set up for those long rainy days of fall with the under five crowd! Doweling is not included with online orders but locals can purchase on pick up.

the mini market tote bag- $20
I know I posted about these tote bags not too long ago but I feel like they need to be mentioned again- made of durable cotton, lined with inside pockets- these bags are great for library totes or for hauling stuff to Grandma's. Toddler tested and approved!

$11 ea or two for $20
  100% Linen tea towels hand screen printed - these tea towels are great- use either for hand towels or to actually dry dishes!

   In a crazy turn of events it is almost fall again- this always leads me to start thinking about the Holidays- I love them! The idea of bundling up in layers of wool and tramping around with a toboggan, camp fires with marshmallows and this year teaching our kids how to ski. One tradition that I love is the giving and receiving of mail for no other reason than to say- Happy Holidays- I am thinking of you- I love you- Hope you are warm! So start thinking about your holiday cards soon- bulk and custom orders are always welcome! The sooner you get your orders in the more you save!

    So keep your fingers crossed that I will be a busy gal this fall- this little venture of mine is starting to pick up again. If anyone is interested in any items posted here fell free to message me in the comments section or email me directly-


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