Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinned It- Did It

    I love Pinterest- I "pin" a lot of stuff often- I have all ready discussed this addiction here - but lets refresh- I like to Pin and often! I came across this cute little project the other day and thought that our littles would love this- anything to do with paint they are in- throw in some glue even better! This project is super short and simple- just the project to do with a half hour to spare before lunch. To start with I cut out a very simple tree top and trunk- which the littles then glued to a piece of back paper.

    The use of a few corks as stamps for leaves and apples was a fun change of pace - creating unusual shapes and patterns while at the same time being really easy for the kids to grasp. The original project on Pinterest was a fall project with yellows,oranges and reds- but I was feeling inspired by all the apple orchards we had been surrounded by all weekend. A discussion on apple trees and growing followed by a snack of sliced apples after lunch rounded out our apple project!

   This was a cute and easy project that bridged the gap between outside time and lunch time- it helped everyone unwind a bit and also got them excited about eating their apples after lunch! The use of corks in lieu of traditional painting tools is a valuable  experience as kids can learn to be flexible and to value surprise at the outcome of their work. Corks are just one type of alternative mark making tool- what other tools have you used to create fun and interesting marks? I would love if everyone shared!

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  1. We did a texture/pattern paint experiment last Spring with Kenya and Ethan. We used Bingo dabbers, then with paint we also used: potato, q-tip, cotton balls, carrot, apple, bun, and foam. It was super fun and they loved trying to guess what the paint would be like.

  2. try matchbook cars, tooth brushes, spoons to scrape, rubber balls to roll, such a fun activity!

  3. Marbles- for older kids can also be fun!


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