Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mr Crab

      We live in a beautiful part of the world- in a beautiful city- surrounded by amazing scenic shots everywhere you look. One place people don't often look is under the bridge, and it is under the bridge- The Granville Street bridge in particular- where you will find some of the best seafood in town.  Living in such close proximity to the sea we have become completely spoiled by the abundance of fresh seafood- something pointed out to me by a visiting cousin last week. We really just take it for granted that  Wild Salmon, Crab and Mussels are part of our weekly menu.

Most days in the afternoon you can find local fishermen selling their catch down at Fisherman's Wharf in False Creek. This is the go-to location for fresh fish with the Seafood shack Go Fish located in the parking lot- this is the real deal folks- possibly the best Fish & Chips I have ever had! If you go I would recommend a Tuna or Salmon Tacone- there is still some debate between the Mr. and I over which is better.
      Last Saturday afternoon found us perusing the fresh catch on the VUNG TAU- fresh Dungeness Crab? Yes please! Not only did the kids get to see where the crabs came from but they got to make a connection with the fisherman who had caught what we were going to eat. They also realised that this food that we eat is alive which to be honest really bothered Miss Lo- she passed on eating Mr. Crab for dinner!

picking out dinner

        The Mr. did a great job of steaming up the crab and doing all of the dirty work- the bits that make me squeamish!  We kept the sides really simple with some steamed green beans picked in my parent's garden and some brown rice- two of Miss Lo's favourites.

       We may not have fancy crab hammers of tiny forks like Williams and Sonoma would like you to believe you need- I find that the same hammer used to hang art and build bird houses also works to break into crab shells!

Crab is a lot of work to get at a small amount of meat but it is such a fun and social meal- we lingered out on the deck picking away for quite some time. A real treat  even  for those of us lucky enough to have access to fresh fish all year around!

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