Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Weekend with My Sister

The Hotel Bessborough

      This past weekend my sister, Heather, and I had ourselves a bit of an adventure! We boarded a plane bound for Saskatoon early Saturday morning - one might argue a little too early but we had a spa appointment to make- so early Saturday it was. Neither of us had been to Saskatoon in years and certainly not in the middle of the summer- we were not sure what to expect. Turns out the rumours of mosquitos are true! We stayed at the Hotel Bessborough right in the heart of downtown Saskatoon, the hotel is a historical landmark built in the early 30's by the Canadian National Railway.

     The Hotel Bez- as my cousins refer to it as- is located right on the banks of the  beautiful South Saskatchewan River, along which runs a fantastic walking/running/biking path.  In classic Delta style The Bez has luxurious beds that one could get lost in, and fantastic toiletries- Philosophy goodies which I may have hogged! We had a bit of spare time on Sunday before our cousin's wedding and so after locating the nearest Starbucks we ventured out for a bit of exploring- and possibly some shopping!


    I have to say this time spent over the weekend surrounded by our cousins and aunts and uncles was really special as we are scattered all across this country from Vancouver to Halifax and rarely are we all in one place. It was fantastic to re-connect with a few family members we haven't seen in over ten years and to enjoy the family members we see all the time but in a different setting. I soaked up every second from the minute my sister boarded the plane to the time we parted company last night. Un-interupted conversation, relaxation, good food, pedicures, even more good wine and fantastic company was what really made the weekend one to remember! Not to mention our Aunt Kathy's quiches and Aunt Barbi's tort- we have all agreed you two should have a bake off and all us cousins will be the judges!

The South Saskatchewan River

       To give credit where credit is due- we could not have had this weekend away with out the help of our own families. We might make fun of our dad and his fancy dance moves but that guy really does come through- everything from getting coffee and toast in the morning to making sure we had a chilled bottle of Thornhaven wine for our spa session- so thank you dad! And thank you to our mom who is always entertaining and an amazing dance partner! A huge thank you to our fantastic husbands who missed out on all the shenanigans and stayed at home with the littles- making sure they were moderately clothed and ate something green over the weekend!

   The biggest thank you goes out to my sister who was my date for the weekend- I miss you even though we only live four hours apart and talk constantly. It was so fantastic to just be you and I over the weekend- not moms, not wives - just us!

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