Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Friend Turns Three

     I have a girl, a very girly girl and her friends are all fairly girly- they all really seam to like pink. I have always had a bit of an aversion or really a lifelong allergy to pink, my sister was the one who loved pink- I loved bikes, building forts and kissing the boys. So when faced with a pink girly girl in my life I paused for a minute-my feminist hackles rising- was this going to harm her in any way? Would this be encouraging precocious behaviour of an age she has not yet reached? Would this cause her years of therapy down the line? I took a deep breath and decided- no at this point she just likes pink and flowers and ferries and I will support her colour preferences!

     With the removal of gender specific toy departments from stores such as Harrods of London gender neutral seams to be the current way to encourage your child to be all they can possibly be- no stereotypes  in attendance. I happen to have a girl who likes to wear pink, play with dolls and dress up clothes. I wonder if society is so overly concerned about boxing our children, particularly our daughters, into gender specific roles what happens to those girls who happen to love being a girl?

      There will be pink in these girl's lives and so why not celebrate it?  With this is mind I crafted this cute little crown and wand number for Miss Dee's third birthday which we celebrated last Saturday. I rarely brag about my own work- perhaps it is a marketing flaw but I chalk it up to my Puritan background- pride comes before fall and all that stuff. At any rate I was really excited about this project, even I have to admit I loved the pink when combined with neon green and turquoise- and apparently so does the birthday girl! This fun crown and wand set can be brought out for special occasions or in everyday dress up rotation.

    Miss Dee's mom- my friend Caro went above and beyond with this adorable party- she really set the bar high for the rest of us moms with upcoming birthday parties of our own! Everything from the yummy snacks to the park setting was perfect,  I think she may have even organized perfect weather for the day!

     All the kids were up and dancing around uncontrollably when Will Stroet- children's entertainer and friend of Miss Dee's picked up his guitar and sang a few well recognized songs. It might have been the sugar from those cupcakes kicking in because after a few minutes none of these kids were sitting down!

    To top everything off and because Caro is insanely talented- the kids "Goody Bags" were these cute little crayon rolls that she spent all week sewing. Ingeniously finished off with a hair elastic and a button as the closure these are sure to make our car rides a lot more tidy and quiet. These would be what I consider a perfect "gender neutral" party gift!

  I like to think that one day Miss Lo and her friends will outgrow the pink stage- one day I imagine a pack of teen girls dressed all in black tees and denim bantering witty remarks back at their doddering mothers who can only sigh and remember back to one very pink girly birthday party.


  1. Love this Sharilyn! I feel the same way about gender and stereotypes.

    I really don't think we should eschew toys and colours because they are gender traditional. They should be available to kids (and me! I still like toys) because they are fun! It's the packaging and marketing that seems to be the real culprit...

  2. ♥ one of my fave posts yet Sharilyn.

  3. I agree Caitlin- and incidentally if our boy wants something pink I'm all for that- we are a family of many colours!

  4. Love it! I have a girl who at 8 is still pink and fairies and baby dolls! I also have a boy who at 10 says pink, or maybe purple, is his favourite colour! Do I worry? Nope, it's just a colour!


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