Tuesday, July 31, 2012

8 Years and Counting...

    Eight years ago this invitation went out in the mail, in our typical style my Mr. and I decided to get engaged in May and have the wedding in July. I don't know how my mom pulled it off but she managed to put together a super special day for us including sewing my dress in under three months.

      July 31 2004 was a most beautiful Okanagan Saturday- clear skies and warm breezes- my parent's yard was in full bloom and we had need for very few decorations. I remember waking up in my old bedroom with my sister- we had a sleepover the night before, giggling way into the night, I feel we got very little sleep! The morning was fresh and new, coffee in my mug, surrounded by my mom, aunts, cousins and girlfriends. I remember looking at the list of things needing to be done and wondering what my Mr. was up to, missing him and looking forward to the party we were about to have.

My Bride's Maids- to my immediate right my sister Heather and next to her friend Stacey, to my left friend Michelle

     I remember thinking this day is going too fast- I wish it would slow down so I can hold onto every second. Then I was in my dress, Birkenstocks on my feet and walking with my dad towards my future.

The boys - from the left Brother in Law Kyle, Mark(my Mr.), Morley and Adam

     The ceremony is a bit of a blur- I do have it on good authority that I said "Fartner" by accident rather than "Partner" but there you go I was really nervous! I vividly remember hearing the song Sweet Home Alabama  and suddenly we are at the back door to my parent's house and someone is handing me a beer- and it was done! Let the party begin!

these guys- Tara,Don,Chris,Stacey and Adam- I think friend Heather took the picture
     In the eight years that have followed our wedding day I have learned to love this man of mine more than I thought possible. Watching him become a father to our babies, watching him work so hard in order for me to stay at home with those said babies- I have learned a marriage is not about the wedding day or the ring on my finger. It is so much more- our partner ship would have grown into what it is today regardless of a piece of paper. July 31 2004 was a perfect day with our friends and family but what has grown out of that day is even more perfect- a family that is so much more than my Mr and I.

    Next weekend my dear cousin Caitlin is getting hitched to her intended Kent. The weekend after that my sweet niece Kayla is getting married to her man Waylon. I can only wish for them to find a fraction of happiness in their marriage that we have found in ours. It is not always easy but really nothing worth while ever is! I hope they are content and happy with themselves so that they can bring a sense of confidence to their marriage. Above all though my wish for these lovely ladies is that they are loved and love back equally.

    For my dear husband- my fartner in crime- I love you still- madly- deeply. I always joked that I went to University to get a Mr. and although not evident at the time a Mr. is what I got! Who knew Art History would yield more than well art history? We have travelled around, then settled down, we became parents and now what- let's see where this adventure takes us next shall we?



  1. I love you Mrs. You are my best friend, amazing mother to our children, and beautiful wife. Thank you for the last eight years. I'm cant wait to see what the next eight years bring us us.

  2. Still sad i had to miss this amazing day! So happy for you guys!

  3. I can't believe it's been 8 years! Happy anniversary you guys! Lots of love..


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