Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cup of Joe

            I love coffee- I mean I really love coffee. I am a bit obsessed with it, so much so that I often start thinking about my morning latte the night before. You see the picture above really speaks volumes of my favourite activity- sitting on my deck in the early morning with my book and my latte. No one else is awake yet and this is my time to just be; no fetching of snacks or breaking up of arguments. I sit in my pyjamas for as long as possible sipping my latte because it really is all about the coffee right?

           Not any coffee will do- it must be espresso in one of its clever forms- with skim milk-foamed-latte! With hot water- Americana. With ice cubes and a drizzle of cream- Icy Iced Coffee to beat the summer heat. If it is made of caffeine and steam chances are I will drink it!

           My particular bean of choice comes from a popular local coffee shop called JJ Bean- just the mere mention of this establishment brings a tear to the eye of many hardened Vancouverites. There is, conveniently, a JJ Bean located street level in our apartment building- a direct line if you will to the bean.

So if you stop by our apartment on any given day and no one answers the door- check the coffee shop- chances are thats where we will be- the kids munching on a zucchini muffin and me stocking up on more beans!

p.s.- if you buy bulk beans at JJ Bean you get a free small coffee! Re-use your coffee bag & get a discount! Love this place!


  1. Sharilyn, I love your coffee mug!

  2. Thanks Shannon- its from the potter in the Net Loft on Granville Island!


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