Monday, March 12, 2018

Next Knit

Pic via Petite Knit

         I am a monogamous knitter for the most part however as I near the end of one project my mind often wanders onto the next. Currently I am coveting two basic knits- with only the resources and time to knit one of them! Both sweaters would make excellent wardrobe staples and fill some holes- I am really trying to be present and intentional with my making- knitting or sewing only what I actually need or really really want!

        Above is the No Frills Sweater from the Petite Knit. This gorgeous wardrobe basic has been missing from my closet ever since I literally wore my Banana Republic crew neck to bits. Considering I no longer shop at Banana Republic or even have one in my town I think this would be the perfect sweater to knit with an eye towards next fall- so maybe a good summer knit?

     Below is the sweater I can hear angels singing over- when Brooklyn Tweed launched its Winter 2018 collection I almost died- which I generally do when B.T. comes out with a new collection- I  love everything they do! So when the Freja cardigan popped up I just knew this one was meant for me- clean simple lines with a cool waffle knit detail. I love everything about it. I see it in Indigo blue.

I think I just answered my own question

Pic via Brooklyn Tweed

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