Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Summer of Skirts

         There really is nothing better than the feel of the hot Okanagan sunshine on bare legs for the first time each year- take it from me I- this is a field of which I am expert in! Recently we have had a whisper of promise from the sly summer breeze- it promised long evenings spent giggling with cousins, sticky feet from walking through popsicle drips and most of all it whispered promises of quick dips in the lake! It's with these whispered promises of the season yet to come in mind that my girl and I have declared this the Summer of Skirts!

          Two weekends back- time does certainly fly- we had a free day with Grandma and Grandpa- this meant outside playtime for the Littles and two entire hours of  uninterrupted
 sewing time for myself! I'm not going to lie- it was nice- real nice -to be able to sit down to the machine and know my kids were well distracted- thanks to my Mom and Dad. I have had this great Japanese Linen stashed away for a few months now- just waiting for the perfect pattern and coincidentally a Japanese pattern book arrived in the mail just the day we were leaving! Talk about timing!

         I am absolutely in love with all the darling patterns and gorgeous styling in the Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids book from Akiko Mano. So good- I would live inside this book if I could! This wee skirt was just the start of things to come- my girl and I have picked out a few pieces to make her easy summer wardrobe complete- obviously another skirt!

         After a really busy fall, winter and spring we are all looking forward to summer break- longer days and an easier (read no) schedule. Being a full time working mom has been a huge experience for me this past year- learning how to balance my time between family and work has been a constant juggling act and somewhere in there one of my favourite things has gotten passed over. I miss sewing- I miss watching a garment come to life. I am so looking forward to doing more making this summer- both for my Littles and myself as well- I have a pile of patterns to work my way through!

         Meanwhile back to the real heart of the matter- there really is nothing better than the first bare leg day of the season- especially when you are a six year old- with a new skirt- that has bunnies and foxes!

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  1. Oh my gosh it's been so long since I've been on a blog! And what a beautiful job you've done! You inspired me to dust off mine - that has been sitting as a file for the past 5 years - if only to show my girls. It's a bit out of whack now that I've put it into Wordpress but if you want to have a laugh at how little the girls are here it is (it used to be called mi)


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