Monday, January 4, 2016


          I recently finished off this incredibly slouchy, soft beanie- wait for it- it's for myself! Squee! A little bit of knitting with the softest of cashmere blends in one of my favourite colours- my hat matches the landscape.The yarn colour is Wild Rice but lets call it driftwood- it is perfect for these first gentle days of the year.

        Almost a year ago a few friends and I want to a YOTH Yarns trunk show at our local yarn store- YOTH yarns are about as local as we get here in the Pacific Northwest. Created by a brother and sister duo in Washington state YOTH or Yarn On The House is some of the most luxurious wool I have had the pleasure of working with to date. So it goes without saying that I have been hoarding this skien for just the perfect project!

          These are toque days- as in the days when I like to sport a hat both outside and inside- all day long to cover up what is a questionable head of hair that is still mid grow out from a pixie cut! My slouchy, perfect YOTH hat is a very loose take on the free Purl Soho Boyfriend Hat- this is supposed to be a watchman style cap but I decided the slouchier the better and here is the end result!


  1. I tried leaving comments earlier but Blogger had issues. Here goes again...

    Love that beanie! I haven't heard/seen YOTH yarns but it's definitely something I'll look forward to seeing. I love that striped scarf too and will have to figure out how to do the yarn carry for those skinny stripes but it's one on my list of to-knit!

    Happy Knitting in 2016!

    1. Baaad Annas on Hastings carries YOTH- as does my favourite yarn store in Carnation Washington Tolt- well worth a day trip!

      Happy Knitting 2016 right back at cha!


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