Thursday, August 13, 2015

This is Six

          My dear girl- today you are six. Last night as I tucked you in you started crying- you said you wanted to stay five- you said you wanted to stay a baby. I said you will always be my baby. You are most definitely a big kid now- able to climb the highest monkey bars and run with the pack.

        The past year has brought so many changes for you- we are so very proud of all the things you set out to tackle and succeeded at and also failed at- you learned so much in either case but the fact remains you tried. This was the year of the two wheeler- learning to ride with out training wheels- you are fearless and fast. This is the year of artistic creativity- at six I can see more talent than I ever had- your favourite thing right now is painting with proper acrylic paints. You also are not opposed to crafting with feathers and googly eyes.

      Going off to kindergarten has brought about the most evident of changes- your little songs have changed from English to French- you sing them with your friends. You have a confidence that wasn't there this time last summer- you love school and your friends. You sort of love your brother.

    My girl I cannot wait to see where life will take you for you are an old soul who will surely travel far. From the moment you opened those big brown eyes people gasped at their depth- you were a little old lady inside- wisdom lingered there. As you walk this path through your sixth year you will certainly continue to surprise us all. My girl I hope you live on the fierce edges of life- Happy Birthday.

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