Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On Finding Solitude

           Solitude is something I have always sought out- keen to be alone and quiet I was often perfectly happy sitting on the dock at the lake first thing in the morning or cycling through the back roads of the Okanagan Valley - often solo. Since moving to the city I have had to be much more vigilant about seeking out solitude- quiet- peace- both inner and outer. While I have yet to claim transcendence in my practice of seeking solitude there have been a few brief moments of sheer and utter blissed out quiet- one such moment happened a few weeks back on a visit to Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon.

            Smith Rock it's self is epic enough to make a non- believer believe in a greater power- obviously this place was formed with such great power and force that it took nothing short of a miracle- scientific or spiritual it matters not- this is a place of magic and power. While were were anything but appropriately equipped for hiking we took to the trails with relish and happy freedom- to be fair we stuck to the well traveled lower paths and did not attempt the more difficult ones- next time  with proper footwear!

          At a certain point in our adventure the Mr. and the Boy went off to do their own thing and my girl and I continued down the dry path- stopping every now and again to examine the flora- thankfully not running into any fauna! We rounded a corner in the path and a sudden silence descended on us- no other human in site- no noise save for the wind in the rock spires. This quiet beauty all encompassing and my girl became a little afraid- she is after all from the city.

       We quietly sat together by the river- watching the water slip past and after a bit she relaxed into the silence- the tensions releasing from her little body as she found the solitude we all need now and again. While we were not entirely alone we respected each other's silence- this normally chatty girl of mine seemed to tune into the silence intuitively- she just got it. This was but a few moments in a long day but when our time together out on the rock was up we climbed back to the path with much refreshed spirits. So happy to have begun the conversation between my girl and the beautiful silence of nature.

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