Wednesday, June 24, 2015

End of June

           Hi Friends! Boy when I planned on taking a short blogging break two weeks ago I had no idea that time would get away from me so quickly! The end of our school year has been filled to the brim with all sorts of special visitors- so many great memories made that I could not even put it all into words. Our dear friends from New Brunswick were visiting for some time- as were my parents and more friends from up-Island- being surrounded by so many wonderful human beings I had no choice but to just pause and soak it all in.

        So here we are at the end of our school year- my Littles are not so Little anymore- growing like weeds and becoming big kids more and more each day. It's really difficult for me to wrap my head around how my Littlest is finished Kindergarten- both kids are in grade school now! They have both come so far this year- lots of struggles interwoven with many successes- it's cliche to say but this year has been so full of hills and valleys.

      Heading into the summer we are all excited to slow down a bit- we have loads of family weekend plans and some short trips in the works- lots of ice cream to eat and some trails to wander. I find it really funny that people lament summer vacations of yesteryear- "Give Your Child an Authentic 70"s Summer" or some such headline has been popular on social media these days. What I find hilarious is the fact that the 70's or 80's or whatever were not any better than today- in fact they were probably much more dangerous with the lax seatbelt laws and all.

      I think the real difference is kids in the past did not have all of the things at their fingertips- perhaps making them more resourceful. Children were left alone to their own devices- left to play with sticks and drink out of hoses. Sticks and hoses still exist and when families come together to explore or revisit these freedoms together it can be a beautiful thing. My kids won't be unplugging this summer- hey I'm a realist and I want to sit quietly with a glass of wine on my deck occasionally. What we will all be doing this summer is tuning in- to each other and to nature- tuning into our friends and family- the important things that sometimes get missed.

     While our Littles have been growing and learning all year long so have we as parents- our lives have suddenly sped up now that our youngest was in full time school. What I know to be true is that I miss the slow days of toddlerdom- the endless hours spent throwing rocks into the inlet or watching diggers. As a parent I can recognize how precious our downtime is and how important it is for us to connect with whats important every chance we get.


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