Thursday, June 4, 2015

Crafternoon: Digital Printing

         My girl has started showing a real back for photography- on a recent trip to Bowen Island she started collecting handfuls of buttercups, leaves and grass. When we stopped for a short rest she decided to style her little bouquet and take a few pictures on my big camera. Many parents would balk at the idea of letting their five year old handle an expensive DSLR camera- by teaching Miss Lo to handle it properly she will have the tools at her disposal to take wonderful photos.

             This girl of mine has a real eye for setting up a shot- I of course could not be a prouder Momma! Watching her stye her little bouquet with such care- she was so excited about the pictures she took. So it was only natural that I would get her photo printed for her. Opus Art Supplies has a wonderful digital printing service- ordering prints could not be easier or more affordable. It was so great handing my girl a professional quality print of her photo. Digital printing is just another medium for our Littles to explore- so intuitive for them.

           I think that it is so easy to look at children's artwork as basic or rudimentary but I just don't see that- digital photography is a medium that allows for glimpse at the world through a child's eye. In addition to allowing further creative expression digital printing is such a natural extension of our children's lives- their worlds are filled from the beginning with technology. In my opinion the photos my daughter takes and I get printed are no less creatively valuable that her wonderful paintings and drawings.

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