Monday, May 25, 2015

In The Studio: Texture

               The more I work in the clay studio the more cognizant I am becoming about texture- the more I realize how inspired I am- consciously or unconsciously - by texture. My paintings have always been really texture heavy- possibly to make up for the lack of technique- it's always been something I am attracted to. With eyes wide open inspiration is abundant and free for the picking- and so I start to record the textures of my life daily.

        Low tide on the sea wall reveals new ideas for glazing- weathered wood inspires a mug- the shape and feel transcribed through the idea of weathered wood rather than a literal interpretation. My work is still very rough and new- fresh hands on the clay- still rather awkward- many chunky plant pots have emerged. Still each time the kiln is unloaded new surprised are revealed- I made these things! Also can I really ever have too many plant pots? Can I ever have too many succulents?!


  1. Your pottery skills are developing at amazing speed! I love succulents too. They are like "pets"!

    1. Thank you! And agreed- succulents are like pets- I call them plant babies- lol!


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