Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Field Trip: Tolt Yarn and Wool

          Wow I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I paused last week in my blogging- things just got really busy for me and before you know it an entire week has passed! Anyways part of that busy life is my job- I usually work weekends but this week was treated to a Saturday off- the question loomed what to do- relax or explore. We picked explore- we threw our gear into a duffel bag on Friday afternoon and headed South across the boarder- my reasons were entirely selfish and my darling family went along with it! I have long wished to pay a visit to Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation Washington and so that's just where we headed!

         We overnighted in Mount Vernon- in your typical highway motel- which was good enough for just sleeping- it was clean and warm. Saturday morning we veered off the interstate and onto the more rural byways of Washington state- which was a treat on it's own- we came across a full on old school arcade at 9:30 in the morning- stopping because someone had to pee- we stayed and played for awhile. We checked out pokey little antique joints- promising ourselves a return visit with more cash in hand- so much vintage goodness just waiting to come home with us! The misty morning hanging low over the river- foliage dripping with dampness- the grey skies my exact favourite pallet.

   When we finally arrived in Carnation we were all ready to stretch our legs a bit- the boys took off to do a walk about of their own and Miss Lo and I headed to wool nirvana- Tolt! As I walked in the doors I know I had found my happy place- all my favourite wools in one place- Yoth- Quince and Co- Brooklyn Tweed- and the ladies bend the counter were ever so nice. My intention was to buy wool for my first adult sized sweater and with the help of those kind ladies I was able to do just that. There is so much more that wool to be found at Tolt- so many treasures- the button selection alone is worth the trip. My girly was in felting heaven- taking in all the colours and ideas into her five year old brain.

         With my woollen treasures in hand- wound into ready to knit balls so kindly by one of the Tolt gals- we rejoined the boys- who were by this time milling about the front of the store. We hopped back into the van and headed back to the coast- onto Seattle and the Woodland Park Zoo- which was the real reason no one complained or even balked at my mention of a visit to the wool shop! This little over night get away was just what our family needed- time spent together- exploring and adventuring- a dash of creativity but ultimately just a change in scenery was so- so good.

         Any of my knitterly friend here in Vancouver who have not made the journey down to Tolt Yarn and Wool really need to make the pilgrimage- besides the amazing selection of yarns- pattern books and buttons the folks who work in the store are truly some of the friendliest I have ever encountered- I don't know whats in the water down in Carnation Washington but surely it must be something special!

P.S. I have cast on my first adult sweater- it's the Hayward by Brooklyn Tweed- I feel it's going to take me approximately 9 years to complete

P.S.S. if anyone is headed down to Tolt please let me know- I wish I had bought one of their mugs!

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