Thursday, January 22, 2015

Don't Tell The Kids...

          Don't tell my kids but the other day the Mr. and I had ice cream for lunch- and it was the best thing ever! A balmy- sun shiny- January day is the perfect opening day for the new neighbourhood ice cream parlour- our favourite Earnest Ice Cream is finally with in walking distance! No longer will we have to drive halfway across town for a scoop or pint of what is arguably the best ice cream in Vancouver- Earnest has opened a second location at the foot of Mount Pleasant- Quebec and Second- adjacent to the Mr.'s office it should be noted- perfect for spontaneous lunch dates!

       So while my kiddos will surely get their fill during the dog days of Summer vacation for now this is our little secret- totally confirming what every child thinks is happening when they are at school or go to bed- the adults are indeed having all of the fun! Incidentally I had the Rhubarb Crisp- genius flavour paring- the Mr. had a Hazelnut- Rum combo which was equally delish. So I will say what I have been saying all week- to basically anyone who will listen- get thee to the ice cream shop ASAP!

P.S. we were their second customers- we may or may not have been that excited about ice cream on a sunny January day- God I love living in Vancouver!

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  1. sounds like a good idea. I want ot live in Vancouver.


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