Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thrifted Thursday

          I celebrated the break in the rainy weather the other day by busting out my favourite new- to- me dress paired up with a few of my fall classics. Getting dressed at this time of the year can be a bit tricky- I'm always either too hot and sweaty or freezing cold and soaking wet- obviously layers are called for! Layers combined with a dress is a win win situation- and I love a good dress as dresses are outfits unto themselves- no brain dressing if you will.

       Obviously my penchant for early 90's Grunge comes through in this outfit- my favourite work boots combined with a flowey cotton dress and a denim jacket- I would not have looked out of place at a Pearl Jam concert in 1994. This little gem was unearthed amongst a multitude of glorious frocks at Community Thrift and Vintage- which may or may not be conveniently located on my walk home from school- yay kid free thrifting!

         After a solid day of rain it can be easy for me to fall into a pit of despair- it only takes one fair day for me to fall back in love with this place we call home- I'm a fickle creature that way! I fully celebrate getting outside and loving our neighbourhood- nothing beats a walk through Strathcona early in the morning in the fall- watching the sun filter through falling leaves. Love where you live!


  1. Love that outfit on you! Yes, this weather is a little Jekyll & Hyde. The sunny days, even if not that many, save my sanity from the rainy ones! Last night I had to throw an extra blanket on!

    Saw what you dyed in your last post - very nice!

  2. I think I owned that dress in 1994!


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