Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Studio Wednesday

            This week has been crazy town around here- our little family is struggling to find our groove- figure out our daily pattern- which is why my presence here in this space has been minimal. I know we will figure it out eventually- until then it's a bit of a mad scramble- with a few quiet moments thrown in! I've found my way back into the studio for a few short periods this week- jumping into getting started on Holiday projects- gasp- I know I said that scary word! Reality is though that I love to make things for the folks I love- I need to get started now!

          Inspired by the fall foliage on my walk this week I grabbed a piece of linen that I dyed last week with the IDye- the linen really took the dye well and I was left with a true- deep- Gunmetal grey. I thought that the white of the lovely little Snowberry was an excellent contrast to the deep grey of the linen- very indicative of our landscape here in Vancouver at this time of year. I created this easy random dot pattern using a basic stamp- the end of a pencil eraser- and some white Permaset ink.

      Using up some of my end scraps of natural linen I have been creating simple- geometric patterns- mini quilts that I will be turning into throw pillows. I'm pleased to to only have a great way to use up some end cuts of scrap from past projects- keeping the waste out of the landfill- but also to be getting stunning effects. I am loving the Gunmetal grey combined with natural linen and white- conjuring images of my beloved coastal sea scape- these are my Vancouver quilts.

           I know it's annoying to start talking about the Holiday's at this time of year- I think that our society- as with everything- has come so far away from what the Holidays really mean- meaning has become muddied in consumerism. For our family we celebrate St.Nicholas Day, Winter Solstice and Christmas- it's all the warm fuzzy bits in what can be a very dull and gloomy time of year- these celebrations represent our family travelling another year around the sun together. So yes I am starting to talk celebrations, gifts and excitement now- I am going to start showing sneak pieces of what I'm up to- busily getting started on lovely goodness for folks the are important to me. Thats just me- I show my love through feeding and giving- the act of material giving is a bit contrary to what I am usually about. So brace yourself friends for the Holiday storm is about to commence- grab a mug of coffee and join me in sharing your gift making on Studio Wednesdays!

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