Monday, October 20, 2014

Simple Sewing

              The other day I had a few hours and two meters of fabric on my hands so I decided to do something completely radical- sew something for myself! Shocking! I haven't done much sewing for myself in quite sometime as my Littles grow so quickly and constantly seem to be in need of longer garments on a constant basis. So this fall I decided to make my own wardrobe a priority and jumped in with this easy little tunic from one of my favourite Japanese sewing books Simple Modern Sewing.

          What I like about this book is as per the title the items are simple and basic- just what I need in my day to day life. While the fabric and styling may be cute I can bring in little details like the ceramic flower button to make things a bit more interesting- this fabric has an interesting texture to it so I really didn't want to overwhelm that.

             Aside from the patterns this book is so well styled and a pleasure to look at for leisure- lots of great wardrobe building tips- in a restrained manner- not too much but just enough. I am working to build a uniform or look for myself- something I can just throw on at a moments notice and not really think about- this top fits the guild lines I have set for myself. Simple Modern Sewing- great basics!


  1. I'm glad you got to do some selfish sewing! That top looks really cute on you. I like seeing the fabric in close-up to see the tone on tone design. I will have to check that book out. Looks interesting!

    1. The book is wonderful- full of great basics! I purchased it at Spool of Thread but I think it can be found on Amazon for a little less these days- it's a few years old!

  2. I'm totally inspired to pull out this book and make something for MYSELF!!


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