Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

           Today- instead of another Thrifted Thursday- I thought I would change things up a bit and bring you highlights of the most adorable and soaking wet field trip to the pumpkin patch! All three kindergarten classes from our school boarded yellow school buses first thing in the morning and headed out of town to Westham Island Herb Farm. For a group of city kids the bus ride - on an actual school bus- was exciting on it's own and they were all in the highest of spirits by the time they reached the farm.

        We were all treated to a tour of the farm with one of the farmers leading a conversation on food that they grow on the farm- including talking about where our hamburgers come from while standing in front of the cow. While this may seem a bit harsh and possibly upsetting it is important for kids to know where their food comes from and see the face of what they might be eating- all the kids took it in stride and most seemed to know the facts already. We visited the chickens, donkeys, goats and more cows- which they all loved.

        It may have been pouring rain but everyone had a great time- these are Vancouver kids after all- they were all well kitted out in full rain gear- ready for anything. After our tour and a quick lunch break in the green house we headed out to the fields to find the perfect pumpkin! With an entire field to choose from the pickings were abundant and it was difficult to chose just one! Miss Lo managed to narrow it down and found a pumpkin she declares will make the perfect jack o lantern- Halloween is only a few weeks away!

         Westham Island Herb Farm is such a grew place for a day trip- close by the Rifle Bird Sanctuary we were treated to flocks of geese stopping over for a break- the giant formations filling the steely grey sky. There is history here as well- a long tradition of feeding British Columbians as a former supplier of potatoes to White Spot Restaurants.

          This was my first pumpkin patch trip- I missed out on going last year with The Boy as tiny siblings were not invited along. Although it was possibly the wettest day we have seen so far this fall it was still filled with laughter, fun, lots of mud and puddle jumping as well as making new friends. It was so great to see my girl with her little kindergarten friends- at one point they all were giving group hugs- they are just so happy! With that kind of joy it is tough to feel crabby about the weather!


  1. oh that smile is so young Sharilyn, from back in the 'dead cat' days. (oh this is a cryptic sentence!)

    1. ahaha- oh yes! What was that like grade 3 for you grade 4 for me? hahaha- thanks you have given me a good chuckle to start my day!


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