Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thrifted Thursday: Clogs

        This year and a bit I have become completely obsessed with clogs- I'm not sure if it's thanks to that 70's persona they exude or just the basic comfort factor- but I- am- obsessed. Until recently I have only bought new clogs- straight out of the box- and endured countless hours (and blisters) breaking them in. Then last week- in the face of returning to work- I was parsing a few of my favourite vintage Etsy sellers online- lets just say vintage shopping from the comfort of one's couch is a dangerous thing! At any rate I came across this super cute and well loved pair on Shudder Emporium- based out of Edmonton Alberta.

        I have never bought vintage footwear online before- it was a bit risky but the measurements matched up and I took the leap of faith- hitting purchase with bated breath. These clogs were just too good to pass up- aside from the correct measurements they looked soft and totally worn in- avoiding the pain of breaking a new pair in- also they were made in Italy- which according to my friend is THE hallmark for a good product! When my vintage purchase arrived a speedy 3 business days laterI was not disappointed- my new -to me- clogs fit like a dream.

         Part of the appeal of vintage to me is the patina or worn look- I'm not a fan of things that look brand new- I like an object to have a story a past history. Obviously the romantic in me compels even my purchasing history! These clogs have seen a lot of miles but are as soft as can be- I'm happy they came into my life to make new stories and travel new paths- long may we wander!

P.S.- this staircase is my new favourite- it looks like a stoop that needs to be sat on- copious cups of coffee should be consumed here in the fading summer sunshine!

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