Wednesday, September 17, 2014

End of Summer Visit to Deep Cove

      A collective sigh of relief was heard across British Columbia yesterday morning- upon waking parent's and students alike learned we will most likely be headed back to the classrooms early next week. The labour dispute between government and teachers has reached an agreement and our wonderful teachers will be at the front of the classroom and ready to teach. With that said I am so happy we took a final little day trip this week- with Momo and Poppa who are visiting- we headed out to one of our favourite spots- Deep Cove.

        The weather these past few weeks has been nothing short of spectacular- perfect for a dip in the ocean- water so clear the kids could spot crabs scurrying across the ocean floor from up on their perch. Of course many rocks were thrown and it took bribes of doughnuts to get the Littles to leave the beach- I'm sure they could sense the change in the air- see the trees tinged with orange. This summer has been idyllic- one adventure after the other- I am so grateful for all our wonderful hikes, beach days, forest exploring and park play. My heart is full. 

         Back to our Deep Cove visit- my parents had never been out to this spot and so we thought we would share it with them- a hidden gem on Indian Arm. Our day spent out in the Cove was the perfect way to wrap up summer- fall officially starts this weekend- this seemed an appropriate way to say goodbye! I am content with knowing our Littles are headed back to school full of wonderful memories and a few new skills- a little more well rounded than before. Thank you summer- see you next year!

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  1. Oh yes, I think there was a collective sigh of relief to hear the end of the teachers' strike is near!

    Glad you got a chance to visit Deep Cove especially with the cooler weather rolling in! It is a little gem of a spot!


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