Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Studio Wednesday: Work From Home Momma

          As any work from home Momma worth her salt knows working from home is hard- carving out dedicated time to work and make an income takes conscious effort and determination. This summer I have been so blessed to take my work to places with stellar views- even when it's my own living room like this week- with sick Kiddos- the view is fantastic- because I'm with my kids. It's been really hard though- struggling to find this balance and I'm noticing that there is not really much balance happening most days- it's more of a rhythm- a dance of minutes and hours if you will.

        Soon my Littles will both be in full time school- my girly is headed off to Kindergarten- I can't believe that five years have just flown by- it feels like just yesterday I was waddling down 12th street to the Farmer's Market in Kitsilano as a family of three. I have sweaters that are older than my Girl- it feels too soon for her to be going to school- but she will go and I will walk around with a lump in my throat for a month until I get used to it. My days- for the first time in six whole years will be my own to some degree.

        These years with my Littles have been a labour of love- working hard to stay at home with them- being a stay at home Momma in Vancouver is not cheap- we have really missed my steady income.  So it is with some trepidation that this September brings change for me as well- I'm looking for a job! Outside of the home! I'm terrified! The last time I wrote a resume was twelve years ago- I got the job and stayed there for almost ten years. I have all sorts trepidations about this job hunt- will I be enough- is my skill set even relevant these days- do companies still want excellent customer service or do they prefer a younger face?

      Despite these worries I am going forward- because it's the only way to go- we have things we want to do with our life and being broke just doesn't facilitate doing much of anything! I'm still planning to continue to blog- continue Plain Jane Designs because it's my passion- continue to be a present Momma for my family. September I've got my eye on you- seeking big changes and a new rhythm- life is good- change is good- adventure is out there!

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